Actor And Model Couple Who Met On Dating Show Reportedly Call It Quits

The actor’s agency has since responded to the rumors.

Actor Oh Chang Seok and model Lee Chae Eun have reportedly broken up.

Oh Chang Seok (left) and Lee Chae Eun (right) | Newsen

On March 23, the media outlet TV Report released an article alleging that the two had broken up and had decided to remain friends. In an interview with the media outlet, an acquaintance revealed that the couple decided to call it quits after four years of dating.

The two grew further apart due to each of them focusing on their career and they decided to root for one another from afar.

— Acquaintance of the couple

The couple were previously rumored to have broken up in 2020. At the time, the actor’s agency denied the rumors, stating that the two were still dating.

The (break up) rumors aren’t true. (Oh Chang Seok) is still dating Lee Chae Eun. There aren’t any wedding plans yet.

— PF Company

When contacted by news outlet Newsen, this time, the actor’s company responded by saying they were “Verifying the facts.”

The actor and the model previously went viral after they confirmed they were dating. The two met on the celebrity dating show, The Taste Of Dating (title translated from 연애의 맛) in 2019.


Source: wikitree and newsen