Actor Moon Ji Yoon’s Agency Confirms The Actor Did Not Pass Away Due To COVID-19

He had similar symptoms to the coronavirus infection.

Actor Moon Ji Yoon passed away suddenly after being hospitalized for acute septicemia – a serious infection in the bloodstream. His symptoms first began with a sore throat, which caused a fever, and the symptoms got worse as he was hospitalized.

Due to some of his symptoms resembling the symptoms of the coronavirus disease COVID-19, many speculated that the actor had the viral infection.

But his agency clarified that Moon Ji Yoon was not infected and that the coronavirus was not the cause of his untimely death.

It’s definitely not COVID-19. He was tested negative for COVID-19, so he was allowed to be hospitalized. He was rushed to the emergency room after he got a bacterial infection from his sore throat. His symptoms became severe in the emergency room.

Through examinations, it was discovered that many of his organs showed signs of abnormality so he was transferred to the intensive care unit. It appeared his fever had severely damaged his organs.

— Family ENT CEO

Moon Ji Yoon had symptoms of a sore throat two days prior to his hospitalization. He tried to fight it on his own but his mom rushed him to the hospital when she found him at his home in serious condition.

Ji Yoon was always healthy.

He caught a sore throat but he tried to fight through it by himself for two days. I think he didn’t want to go to the hospital because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He tried to fight it by taking medicine but his mom found him at home in a bad condition, so she rushed him to the hospital.

— Family ENT CEO

Moon Ji Yoon had been excited to launch his latest commercial just a few days before his passing. He was more than ever determined to continue growing as an actor but has tragically fallen to an illness.

He had finished filming his commercial for a big brand company. We can’t tell you want company it was because it hasn’t been aired yet. Ji Yoon was so happy while traveling to Jeju Island for the filming. He had happily told us, ‘I want to lose weight and work harder.’ But just a few days later, this happened.

Aside from that, there weren’t any dramas or movies confirmed.

— Family ENT CEO

Moon Ji Yoon has been an actor in the industry for nearly two decades. He debuted in 2002 with Romance, and went onto star in many popular dramas, such as IljimaeCheese In The Trap, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and more.

May he rest in peace.

Source: eDaily