Actor And Music Bank MC Lee Seo Won Charged With Sexually Harassing Female Celebrity

He admitted to it.

Actor and Music Bank MC Lee Seo Won was revealed to have been charged for sexually harassing and threatening an unnamed female celebrity with a weapon.


It was originally reported that the Gwangjin Police had charged Lee Seo Won back on April 8 and conducted an investigation before forwarding the case to prosecution.

“The victim in question was a female celebrity. We sent the case to prosecution earlier in the month (May).” – Gwangjin Police


The police stated that Lee Seo Won was drinking alcohol with the female celebrity when he tried to kiss her, but failed. He did not stop trying to make physical contact with her, so she called her boyfriend, which Lee Seo Won did not take kindly to.


The police also noted that Lee Seo Won was very drunk when they were trying to deal with him.

“He was very intoxicated while being investigated. He was shouting and swore at a police officer.” – Gwangjin Police


His agency, Blossom Entertainment, confirmed these reports were true in their statement.

“We sincerely apologize for concerning everyone with the scandalous incident Lee Seo Won was involved in. First, we were not aware of this situation until the media requested a statement from us. After confirming with him personally, we discovered that it was something that happened while he was privately drinking with an acquaintance.

There are no excuses. We bow our heads in apology to everyone. We are sorry.

Lee Seo Won has acknowledged his mistake and is in deep reflection over his behavior towards the other party and concerning them and other people with his careless actions.

Once again, we sincerely apologize to everyone and will sincerely take part in all investigations. We are sorry.” – Blossom Entertainment


Lee Seo Won was planned to be in the cast of upcoming tvN drama About Time with Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon, however, in light of this scandal, he will be removed from the cast and replaced, with his scenes being re-filmed. Music Bank is currently deciding on how to proceed.

Source: Mydaily, Joongang Ilbo and Asiae