Actor Nam Joo Hyuk Reportedly Met With His Alleged School Bully Victim Several Times

The actor met with his former schoolmate in hopes of retracing their memories.

Nam Joo Hyuk reportedly met with his former classmate, who alleged that the actor had bullied him during their school years.

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According to a Sports Kyung Hyang report, the actor met with his former schoolmate several times in hopes of retracing their memories, but the two ultimately had different recollections of events and were unable to come to an agreement on what had happened.

(Nam Joo Hyuk) made attempts through discussions, but each party’s memories were vastly different, and thus weren’t able to continue their dialogue.

— Sports Kyung Hyang

Previously, the alleged victim alleged that they were a victim of Nam Joo Hyuk’s bullying last June. In a report released by Sports Kyung Hyang, the alleged victim revealed the alleged abuse he had endured.

Nam Joo Hyuk would force me to turn on the hot spot on my phone, and he would take my phone to use it. During my High School years, Nam Joo Hyuk had my phone longer than I did. Also, I was his “Bread Shuttle” (someone who does chores for a bully), and I was forced to physically spar with my friends.

— Alleged bully

After the allegations were first brought to light, Nam Joo Hyuk’s label immediately denied the allegations, and so did several former classmates who came forward to defend the actor. Most notably, Dispatch released a report in which it interviewed 20 of Nam Joo Hyuk’s classmates and teachers, who defended the actor.

Netizens React To Dispatch’s Interview With 20 Of Nam Joo Hyuk’s Classmates And Teachers

Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk entered the military on March 20, 2023, to fulfill his military obligations.

An earlier version of this article stated Nam Joo Hyuk entered the military on January 31, 2023. This has been corrected to March 20, 2023.

Source: wikitree and sports kyung hyang
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