Actor Park Bo Gum’s Middle School Classmate’s Letter Thanking Him For Standing Up To School Bullying Goes Viral

“I still remember because I was really thankful…”

A heartwarming story about Park Bo Gum has resurfaced and is going viral.

On February 8, a letter written by a Middle School classmate of the actor was posted on an online community. In the letter, a netizen starts by revealing he was an outcast at his Middle School and was a victim of bullying by his classmates.

I was in the same class as you (Park Bo Gum) at Mok Dong Middle School. At the time, I was the class outcast and was bullied openly, but you were the only one that became my friend. I still remember because I was really thankful.

— Netizen

The netizen continues his letter revealing that even after moving on to High School, Park Bo Gum would warmly greet the netizen whenever they crossed paths. In their letter, the netizen thanked the actor for his kind gesture.

I remember how in High School we crossed paths, and you recognized me. I was so thankful you had recognized someone like me. When you became an actor, I was so happy.

— Netizen

The netizen then ended his letter to Park Bo Gum by revealing another kind deed the actor had done for the netizen.

Just as how you were the only student who didn’t bully me, even if the whole world is against you, I will always be on your side. I can’t forget the time you shared your umbrella with me at the Central Plaza when it rained.

— Netizen

The story quickly went viral, and netizens praised the actor for his kind heart. Many netizens celebrated the actor for being as kind as he is handsome.

  • “He leaves such a kind impression and, it seems his heart is just as kind.”
  • “He even looks kind…”
  • “It seems people really are as they seem.”
  • “His personality rocks.”
  • “I (clicked on this) thinking he bullied someone, but it was a story about his kindness.”
  • “He really has it all…ㅠ.”
  • “Umm, God? Did you make a mistake? How can you give him everything?”

Park Bo Gum’s anecdote comes during a time when Korean society is grappling with school bullying. Hopefully, many students will follow Park Bo Gum’s example and help stand up against school bullying.

Source: wikitree