Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Is Suspected Of Mistreating His Manager

“This is so disappointing.”

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol is being suspected of abusing his manager after the actor revealed that his manager washed his dishes.

Ryu Jun Yeol | iMBC

In November 2022, the actor was a guest on popular YouTuber Chim Chak Man‘s livestream.

In the livestream, Ryu Jun Yeol and Chim Chak Man promoted a “Zero Waste” lifestyle. Ryu Jun Yeol revealed that he didn’t use plastic utensils or plastic containers and stated that instead, he carries a plate that he uses to eat.

Chim Chak Man (left) and Ryu Jun Yeol (middle) | Money Today

Controversy arose, however, when Chim Chak Man asked the actor if he was going to go home and wash his plates, to which the actor cooly responded that his manager washed the plates.

Chim Chak Man (left) and Ryu Jun Yeol (right) | Money Today

Immediately after the actor’s statement, the chat lit up in protest. Chim Chak Man then tries to defuse the situation by joking that it didn’t matter who did the dishes.

His (Ryu Jun Yeol) manager must also be living that lifestyle. From Earth’s point of view, it doesn’t matter who is doing the dishes.

— Chim Chak Man

This segment resurfaced and went viral on January 2. Many netizens criticized the actor and argued that washing the actor’s dishes shouldn’t be the job of the actor’s manager.

  • “Just because you are living a ‘Zero Waste’ lifestyle doesn’t mean you should make someone do your dishes ^^. It’s only meaningful if you do it yourself, right?”
  • “But you have hands too, so why? You should clean what you ate.”
  • “I guess the one living a ‘Zero Waste’ lifestyle was his manager.”
  • “His confidence has always been a problem.”
  • “What? This is so disappointing.”
  • “Being a manager is tough.”
  • “LOL. Wow, I really hate this, LOL. Does (a manager) have to wash their celebrity’s dishes? LOL.”

According to a news report, the actor’s label has been contacted multiple times for comment but has not responded to the controversy.

Source: theqoo and Money Today