Actor Seo In Guk Sends The Internet Into Meltdown With His Shocking Transformation For New Film “Project Wolf Hunting”

Everyone likes a bad boy with tattoos… 🔥

When it comes to the world of acting, stars are always made to go out of their comfort zones when it comes to different roles. The experience and talent of an actor are on show when they manage to shock fans with their huge transformation for an unlikely role.

One of those that has always impressed with his acting skills is veteran actor Seo In Guk.

Actor Seo In Guk | @seo_cccc/Instagram

Of course, the actor’s visuals are no joke. Even at 34 years old, Seo In Guk continues to send the internet into meltdown with his charming visuals and pure handsomeness.

| @seo_cccc/Instagram

| @seo_cccc/Instagram

Yet, more importantly, over the years, he has wowed netizens with his acting in some of the most popular K-Dramas, including the likes of the Reply series, Doom At Your Service, and Café Minamdang. He always wows with his charm in roles that make viewers fall in love with him.

Seo In Guk in “Reply 1997”

Seo In Guk in “Doom At Your Service”

Seo In Guk in “Cafe Minamdang 

Yet, despite his usual charms in his roles, netizens were shocked to see the huge transformation in his latest role.

Alongside the likes of Jang Dong Yoon, Ko Chang Seok, Song Dong Il, and many more, Seo In Guk stars in the newest film Project Wolf Hunting. The film takes place on a cargo ship used to transport dangerous criminals from Manila, the Philippines to Busan, South Korea.

Poster for “Project Wolf Hunting” | tiff

The film was recently released in Korea after premiering at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival earlier in the month. As expected, Seo In Guk served true visuals at the premiere.

It meant that netizens were truly shocked when they watched the film and saw the huge transformation the actor underwent in his role as Park Jong Doo.

On Instagram, the actor already teased the extreme character he was playing, posting images of his poster, which showed his character fully adorned with tattoos and almost a crazed look in his eyes.

| @seo_cccc/Instagram

After the movie was released, he also shared a more casual picture of himself in his own clothes. However, the tattoos for the role were still there and shocked netizens, completely contrasting to his usual handsome self.

| @seo_cccc/Instagram

Of course, pictures are one thing, but clips of Seo In Guk in action were recently shared on TikTok.

In the video, Seo in Guk was almost recognizable in the unique role. Whether he was taking his shirt off to reveal even more tattoos or channeling a character who had nothing to lose, it was worlds away from the actor netizens know and love.

When the clip was shared, the comments were full of international netizens that were truly shocked by the transformation Seo In Guk had undertaken.

Although the film might be completely different from what fans expect from the actor, Seo In Guk continues to showcase his versatility in his roles. With a star-studded cast, it will be interesting to see what global audiences make of the movie and Seo In Guk’s new look.


Source: @m__wes19