Actor Son Seung Won Gets Into Car Accident Driving Under Influence Without License, Tries To Run Away

This was his 4th DUI.

Actor Son Seung Won was caught driving under the influence after he got into a car accident in Gangnam and tried to run away.


At 4:20 am on December 26, Son Seung Won crashed into a car as he was trying to make a left turn onto the big street. Without going through the necessary procedures, the actor took flight and was only caught after witnesses and taxis chased after him. The driver and fellow passenger of the damaged vehicle, who suffered minor injuries, were sent to the hospital.


According to the CCTV footage, Son Seung Won bumped into a car that was heading straight as he was trying to make a left turn and despite the fact that his front bumper fell off, he continued to run away. Not long after, however, a witness discovered his car waiting at a signal and requested help from taxis nearby who surrounded the actor’s car and ultimately forced him to get off the vehicle.


Son Seung Won’s blood alcohol level at the time of the accident was at 0.206%. Moreover, Son was already involved in 3 DUI cases in the past with the latest one in September resulting in the suspension of his license, meaning he had gotten into the accident while under the influence and without a license.


As a result, he was indicted for violation of the Yoon Chang Ho Act and the police have indicated that they plan to apply for an arrest warrant.

“Son Seung Won, who was previously involved in 3 DUI cases, ran away after getting into another drunk-driving related accident while his license was cancelled due to a drunk-driving related accident and therefore, the nature of his crime is serious.”

ㅡ Police


It was later revealed that the musical actor Jung Hwi, who has been starring in the musical Rimbaud, was in the back seat of Son Seung Won’s car at the time of the accident. Soon after reports were released, the actor shared a post on his social media admitting his involvement in the case and apologizing for the issue in a handwritten letter.

 “The man in his 20’s who was riding in the back seat of actor Son Seung Won’s car at the time of the accident was me. I sincerely apologize for causing disappointment and concern. After drinking together that night, I was told that a chauffeur would be called so I got in the car and was waiting when (Son Seung Won) suddenly began driving. I was also very surprised. I should have been more firm to stop him from driving under the influence but I feel very bad about not being able to do so.”

ㅡ Jung Hwi


Moreover, he stated that he would voluntarily step down from the musical he was currently performing to take time for reflection.

“With the hope that further damage is not caused, I will voluntarily step down from the musical I am currently performing and take time to reflect upon myself.”

ㅡ Jung Hwi


The production company of Rimbaud officially announced that Son Seung Won’s remaining 2 performances would be canceled and that the company would be issuing a full refund to all who made reservations for those performances. The remaining actors would also receive the full payment for the canceled performances.

Meanwhile, Jung Hwi will be replaced by actors Lee Yong Kyu and Gang Eun Il and his upcoming musical Poong Wol Ju will also star actor Park Jung Won in his place.

Source: Sports Chosun