Actor Song Joong Ki’s Baby Inherits One Of His Physical Traits

8 out of 10 people think so!

Actor Song Joong Ki recently gave an update on his life as a father and shared that his baby inherited one of his physical features.

Actor Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

On a broadcast of JTBC’s Newsroom, which aired on October 15, Song Joong Ki, who is currently the lead actor in the movie Hopeless, appeared as a guest.

Announcer Kang Ji Young (left) and Song Joong Ki (right) | JTBC

Announcer Kang Ji Young congratulated the actor for becoming a father last June. When she asked him if he found any traits about his son that resembled him, Song Joong Ki replied that 80% of people he met said the baby had his lips.

First, I hear often that his lips look a lot like mine. I hear that most often. I think around 8 out of 10 people tell me that. So, I tend to observe his lips closely.

— Song Joong Ki

He shared that hearing this makes him happy and that he is still adjusting to the fact that he has a son.

But when I hear that, it makes me happy. It’s still fascinating to me, and I’m still a little bewildered. I think, ‘I’m really a dad? I have a son!’ It’s still cool to me.

— Song Joong Ki


Kang Ji Young also asked how it was raising a child now that his son passed baek il, a Korean celebration held on the 100th day after birth.

My wife and I are enthusiastically doing a good job together. We cheer for one another, and I think it’s something that makes me proud. So, these days, I’m bursting with happiness.

— Song Joong Ki

Katy Louise Sanders (left) and Song Joong Ki (right) | Sohu Entertainment Weibo

Although Song Joong Ki and his wife, Katy Louise Sanders, keep their private life confidential, especially regarding the baby, the public now knows that the baby inherited his father’s lips.

Knowing how handsome Song Joong Ki’s smile is, this can only be good news!


Watch his JTBC Newsroom interview here.

Source: JTBC News/YouTube