Actor Song Joong Ki Initially Rejects The Offer To Play An Iconic Role Because Of An “Arrogant” Reason

Can you imagine someone else playing this iconic role?

Actor Song Joong Ki recently revealed why he initially rejected the offer to star in the hit movie A Werewolf Boy.

Actor Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Song Joong Ki debuted in 2008 and has appeared in numerous hit K-Dramas, such as Descendants of the Sun (2016), Vincenzo (2021), and Reborn Rich (2022), and films like The Battleship Island (2017) and Space Sweepers (2021).

Song Joong Ki in “Space Sweepers” | Netflix

Song Joong Ki once described 2012 as a “phenomenal year” for his career because of the amount of successful productions he was in that year. One of these productions was A Werewolf Boy, where he played a feral boy named Chul Soo.

Actress Park Bo Young (left) and Song Joong Ki (right) in the poster for “A Werewolf Boy” | CJ Entertainment

As a feral boy, Chul Soo acted like a wild beast until he met a girl named Sun Yi (played by actress Park Bo Young), who introduced him to the emotions of affection. As she was the first person ever to show him affection, he eventually fell in love with her.

Park Bo Young as Sun Yi (left) and Song Joong Ki as Chul Soo (right) in “A Werewolf Boy” | CJ Entertainment

On October 6, at an Actors House event as part of the 28th Busan International Film Festival, Song Joong Ki met with the audience and shared various stories from his 15-year career.

Song Joong Ki speaking as the first guest of Actors House for the 28th Busan International Film Festival | SBS News

He reminisced about his experience filming A Werewolf Boy and admitted that he initially rejected the offer for the role.

Actually, when the casting offer came, I rejected it.

— Song Joong Ki

Because Chul Soo grew up in the wild as a feral boy, he did not have much dialogue in the film. Song Joong Ki revealed that he initially rejected the role because the character had no dialogue, and as he had just started to play lead roles, he was a bit “arrogant.”

It was when I started playing the lead roles in dramas. It was a time when I had the desire to do well, and I had the arrogant thought, ‘I don’t even have a line of dialogue.’

— Song Joong Ki

A scene from “A Werewolf Boy” | CJ Entertainment

It wasn’t until about two months after the initial offer that he changed his mind.

After about two months, when the script came again, I read it and got goosebumps. I thought, ‘Why did I reject this?’

— Song Joong Ki

A scene from “A Werewolf Boy” | CJ Entertainment

The actor admitted that, at first, he thought the role would be easy because there was no dialogue. However, he realized the difficulties of it.

At first, I thought it’d be comfortable because there were no lines. But the more I filmed, the more I felt like my hands and feet were tied.

— Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki as Chul Soo in “A Werewolf Boy” | CJ Entertainment

Song Joong Ki then wondered what would have happened if he hadn’t appeared in A Werewolf Boy and expressed that the thought of it “makes [him] dizzy.”

| HighZium Studio

Despite not having a lot of dialogue, Song Joong Ki proved his phenomenal acting skills through his facial expressions and movements in A Werewolf Boy. With the film being a classic, it isn’t easy to imagine the movie without Song Joong Ki playing Chul Soo.

Source: Newsen