Song Seung Heon Currently Reviewing Lead Role For 4th Season Of OCN’s “Voice”

Season 4 is coming soon!

Actor Song Seung Heon is currently reviewing the lead role for the fourth season of OCN’s Voice.


Starship Entertainment stated, “Song Seung Heon has received an offer for the lead role of ‘Voice 4’ and is currently reviewing it.”

OCN also revealed that they previously confirmed the production of season 4 and have included it in next year’s schedule line-up.

| Starship Entertainment

Voice began airing in 2017 and is a drama about an emergency call center where the employees work tirelessly in order to fight crime from the calls they receive. The upcoming season will take place in Jeju Island with new characters.

The drama has used different directors for each season, with Kim Hong Sun for season 1, Lee Seung Young for season 2, Nam Ki Hoon for season 3, and a new director for season 4.

The new season is set to air sometime next summer.

Source: ytn