Actor Sung Hoon Is Criticized For His Manners On Recent Variety Show


Actor Sung Hoon is receiving criticism from some netizens who feel his behavior on a recent episode of tvN‘s Lined Up Restaurants was “rude.” Lined Up Restaurants is a show that features the hottest restaurants that customers line up to eat at.

Sung Hoon | @sunghoon1983/Instagram

On the August 8 episode, actor Sung Hoon appeared as a guest. The actor, along with Park Na Rae, and YouTuber Haetnim, visited a Kimchi-jjim restaurant in Jongno, Seoul. Kimchi-jjim is a beloved dish in Korea, that is prepared by grilling kimchi with pork.

The actor, from the opening of the show, lamented having to wait in line to enter the restaurant, which is one of the main focal points of the show.

From left: Sung Hoon, Haetnim, Park Na Rae | tvN

Do they have to film us waiting in line to get into the restaurant? I can’t wait in line. I’m not the type to go looking for the trendiest restaurants. I never wait in line, so let’s go somewhere else.

— Sung Hoon

Park Na Rae consoled the actor, asking, “Is it because you are tired?” Before jokingly stating, “Besides eating a lot and acting, this oppa doesn’t do anything.”

Once inside the restaurant, the actor quietly grilled a lot of the food at once. Once the food was ready, Sung Hoon put food on the plates of the hosts before helping himself to the food right off the grill much to the chagrin of both Park Na Rae and Haetnim.

To make matters worse, the actor was seen sweating profusely. The actor then tilted his head to the side and shook off his sweat at the table.

Sung Hoon shaking off his sweat the table | tvN

Perhaps his behavior may have been due to his close friendship with Park Na Rae but many netizens who watched the episode criticized the actor for his behavior.

  • “I didn’t think much of it at first, but I think he meant what he said while standing in line.”
  • “I didn’t watch the episode, but there are a lot of moments here that have me confused.”
  • “Even after watching the episode, I feel he was very rude. It seems like he doesn’t even have basic manners.”
  • “After watching it, I am no longer his fan.”
  • “Wow…”
  • “I watched the episode, and I am even more disappointed. I’m not sure who he is, but I don’t want to watch him anymore.”

Sung Hoon is an actor who debuted in 2011. He gained popularity through his appearances on MBC‘s I Live Alone, which is hosted by Park Na Rae. Recently, the actor was in the hit drama, Love ft. Marriage & Divorce.

 Sung Hoon’s agency made a statement about his behavior on the show.

Source: Sports Kyung Hyang and Wikitree