Korea’s Most Famous Actor Won Bin Makes A Shocking Return With His “Ageless” Visuals In His Recent Appearance

Sadly, there’s still no news on any upcoming acting projects 13 years later!

When it comes to veteran actors, one of the most-loved names in the Korean entertainment industry is actor Won Bin, despite his last acting project being thirteen years ago with the movie The Man From Nowhere. 

Actor Won Bin | Huffington Post Korea

Throughout his career, netizens loved watching the handsome actor, but it seems that even in 2023, Won Bin’s comeback is through an advertisement.

While Won Bin hasn’t appeared in any acting projects, the actor has appeared in several commercials throughout the years and continued to showcase his visuals.

Recently, Won Bin returned for another advertisement for the skincare brand Incellderm. On the brand’s YouTube channel, they posted several new trailers with the actor that resembled an action movie.

Throughout the videos, Won Bin radiated badass and handsome AF vibes, even if he only appeared in a few scenes.

Even in the behind-the-scenes video, the actor showcased his effortless visuals and looked like the perfect leading man.

In particular, one of the newest shots boasts Won Bin’s unaging visuals. Amidst a plain background, the actor looked handsome and like he hadn’t aged a day since his acting days. With clear skin and sharp features, it seemed unfair that he hadn’t done any acting projects in 13 years.

Although many fans are still waiting for the actor to make his return to the big screen, Korean news outlets couldn’t stop praising the actor for his “Vampire-like” visuals where, despite being in his 40s, the actor hasn’t seemed to age at all.

Hopefully, it’s not long before Won Bin returns to the screen, as his handsome visuals are missed.

Source: 인셀덤 INCELLDERM, 인셀덤 INCELLDERM and Chosun Ilbo
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