Actor Yoo Ah In Coerces A YouTuber Into Smoking Marijuana To Make Them An Accomplice

They witnessed him smoking.

Actor Yoo Ah In, who is accused of using drugs, has been revealed to have coerced a YouTuber into doing drugs to make them an accomplice.

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According to the indictment obtained by The Fact on November 2, Yoo Ah In smoked marijuana with acquaintances B and C at an outdoor swimming pool at a residence located in Los Angeles, California, in January of this year.

The next day, while smoking marijuana with acquaintances B and C, Yoo Ah In became upset when Youtuber A, who had come to the pool to shoot a vlog, witnessed him smoking. He exclaimed, “Why should I be disturbed in my free time because of a YouTuber?

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Subsequently, fearing that YouTuber A would disclose his marijuana use to the public, Yoo Ah In decided to make YouTuber A an accomplice. He told acquaintance C, “Give some to YouTuber A.” Then, he told acquaintance B, “Isn’t it time for YouTuber A to try it once?” and urged the YouTuber, who had never smoked it before, to try smoking marijuana.

Despite A’s refusal, Yoo Ah In continued to coerce them into smoking marijuana, even showing them how to smoke it and telling them to “inhale more deeply.”

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According to the indictment, Yoo Ah In was found to have illegally obtained medical narcotics, administering a total of 9.6 liters of medical-grade propofol through a total of 14 clinics from September 2020 to March 2022, totaling 181 times. He used 567 milligrams of Midazolam, 10.7 milliliters of Ketamine, and 200 milligrams of Remimazolam. He has also been accused of illegally acquiring over 1,000 sleeping pills through 44 separate transactions using other people’s names and was found to have committed forgery by using his father’s resident registration number.

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Yoo Ah In was indicted on October 19 on eight charges, including marijuana use, drug trafficking, marijuana cultivation, destruction of evidence, violation of medical laws, fraud, violation of the National Health Insurance Act, and violation of the Resident Registration Act. His first trial is scheduled for December 14.

Source: Sports Chosun