Actor Yoo Ah In Reveals How He Obtained Marijuana — Police Vows Action

“I am sorry for causing concern…”

Actor Yoo Ah In, who is accused of abusing five different types of drugs, revealed how he obtained marijuana.

Yoo Ah In | TV Report

On May 18, it was reported that actor Yoo Ah In had undergone a 21-hour investigation into his drug use. The actor, who previously turned back from being investigated, citing reporters, spoke with news outlets after being investigated.

When asked what information he divulged to investigators, the actor answered that he cooperated to the best of his abilities.

I said all that I could. I am sorry for causing concern.

— Yoo Ah In

When reporters asked if he confessed to abusing drugs, the actor remained tight-lipped, responding in silence.

According to the news outlet MBN, Yoo Ah In reportedly told police that he had smoked marijuana that he had obtained through an acquaintance.

I’ve smoked marijuana that an acquaintance handed me.

— Yoo Ah In

The news outlet also reported that the actor maintained that his use of Ketamine and Propofol was strictly for treatment and that he had never used cocaine. It was also reported that police would take additional action and officially request an arrest warrant.

Watch the full report below.


Source: mbn
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