“Parasite” Actress Cho Yeo Jeong Unveils A Picture Of Her From 1997, Proves Her Beauty Is Timeless

“Fans were awestruck …”

Actress Cho Yeo Jeong has been revered in Korea’s movie industry as one of its most beautiful actresses for many years now.

Cho Yeo Jeong | @lightyears81/Instagram
| @lightyears81/Instagram

Although the actress’s international breakout role was in the 2019 movie Parasite, the actress made her debut in 1997.

Lee Sun Kyun (left) Cho Yeo Jeong (right) in Parasite | CJ Entertainment
Lee Sun Kyun (left) Cho Yeo Jeong (right) in Parasite | CJ Entertainment

On June 9, the actress uploaded an Instagram story that just showed how little the actress has changed since then.

Picture from 1997 | @lightyears81/Instagram

The story was captioned, “Taken around 1997, the pandora box that is my Cyworld (Korean social media platform) has been opened,” and shows the actress with a friend.

With Yeo Jeong, who is a celebrity now ^ㅇ^

— Friend

Fans were awestruck to see how beautiful the actress was then and still is now. Especially striking was the fact even back then, the actress adorned her signature bob hairstyle.

| @lightyears81/Instagram
| @lightyears81/Instagram

The actress has been riding a wave of success since her breakout performance on Parasite. Cho Yeo Jeong returned to K-Drama with High Class and is said to be starring in the upcoming movie Hidden Face.

Cho Yeo Jeong in “High Class” | tvN
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