Actress Chun Yi Seul involved in a legal dispute over past plastic surgery

Actress Chun Yi Seul has recently been accused of breaking her contract with sponsored plastic surgery clinics, after receiving surgery for free in exchange for promotional advertisement. 

Chun Yi Seul was revealed to have received plastic surgery, including orthognathic surgery, which is estimated to cost $30,000 USD. According to a hospital located in Gangnam, Chun Yi Seul agreed to advertise the hospital in exchange for free surgeries.

The clinics are now looking to receive the full surgery cost returned to them after the actress refused to participate in any sponsored postings. Her agency revealed in a statement that Chun Yi Seul was not aware of any agreements made between her old agency and the hospital.

Her new agency, Green Snake Juna E&M continued to say that her photo was used as a model in advertisements on the hospital’s homepage already, and that the hospital is exaggerating the extent of her surgeries, which has resulted in her public image being damaged. The agency also has agreed to pay the $30,000 USD cost if the hospital is willing to make amends for the alleged misuse of photos on their homepage, but the hospital has refused.

The two parties will have their first court date on November 3rd.

Source: Sports Chosun