Actress Go Joon Hee Has Reported 11 Malicious Commenters To The Police

And there is more to come.

Actress Go Joon Hee has identified 12 malicious commenters and reported 11 of them to the police.

On June 24th, Go Joon Hee’s legal representative stated that they have identified 12 malicious commenters and are additionally investigating 16 more user IDs.

We have identified 12 malicious commenters who created groundless rumors in relation to Go Joon Hee last month. They have all been transferred to the police station concerned. One person is an overseas resident and therefore, their case has been suspended. We are currently investigating 16 more IDs. In the same way, we will be taking legal action as soon as they are identified.

ㅡ Go Joon Hee’s legal representative


March 23rd’s episode of The It’s Know revealed that a female actress was invited by Seungri, Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon to a gathering of investors but could not attend as she was in New York. Ever since the broadcast, rumors claiming that the actress was Go Joon Hee began to spread.

Go Joon Hee, who denied the accusations, expressed her frustrations in a social media post.

Even I want to ask if it was me. I’m so frustrated. If it was me, I want to ask why they wanted to invite me.

ㅡ Go Joon Hee


After the rumors began spreading, she was forced to step down from the drama that she was preparing to film. Goo Joon Hee later sued the netizen who spread the rumor for defamation of character. But after she was forced to leave her upcoming drama, netizens continued to reinforce the rumors with claims that she wouldn’t have “stepped down” from the drama if rumors were not true.

Meanwhile, other netizens who feel that they’ve posted malicious comments about Go Joon Hee have been voluntarily sending her legal representative e-mails asking for forgiveness. As she announced previously, however, she does not intend to agree on any favorable arrangements.

Source: Ilgan Sports