Actress Go Joon Hee Addresses Baseless Rumors About Her Involvement in Seungri’s Scandal

Netizens thought she was the “New York Noona” that Seungri referred to in a chat.

Actress Go Joon Hee‘s Instagram account has recently been receiving many of the same questions asking, “Are you really the Noona that Seungri was referring to?” to which she responded “No” under each comment.

This is following the reveal of a chat that SBS’s The Its Know recently revealed of a conversation that Seungri, Choi Jong Hoon, and Jung Joon Young had back in 2015 before a party Seungri threw for Japanese businessmen.

Jung Joon Young: “We’ll have to go to his club in Gangnam, Seungri.”

Seungri: “It’s going to be from 8 to 4 in the morning.”

Jung Joon Young: “Okay. I’ll tell the girls to arrive by 8.”

Choi Jong Hoon: “Seungri, this actress is in New York right now.”

Seungri: “Noona’s in New York again?”

Choi Jong Hoon: “Actresses always go abroad whenever they have time off.”



In the chat, Choi Jong Hoon told Seungri, “This actress is in New York” to which Seungri replied, “Noona’s in New York again?

Because Seungri once referred to Go Joon Hee as his secret connection on Instagram, netizens began to spread the rumor that Go Joon Hee was the Noona that was in New York at the time, and that she participated in serving the high-profile businessmen alongside Seungri.

This also made netizens believe that her role in KBS2’s Perfume falling through was also due to this involvement, which is fuelling this rumor even further.

The production company of KBS2’s PerfumeHoga Entertainment, as well as Go Joon Hee’s agency, both addressed these rumors and stated that they are indeed groundless and false.

Source: Insight