Actress Go Youn Jung Is A Hot Topic After Her Adorably Nervous And Panic-Filled Red Carpet Appearance

She’s like a small nervous bunny.

On April 28 (KST), the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards took place, honoring the best of the best in the entertainment industry. Many stars, including Suzy, IU, and “The Glory” actress Song Hye Kyo, attended the event and walked its red carpet.

Song Hye Kyo

These were just some of the looks from the night, as everyone was dressed to impress.

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However, one actress’ red carpet appearance has become a hot topic for how adorably flustered she was!

Actress Go Youn Jung made her acting debut in the series He Is Psychometric before gaining recognition for her role in the Netflix original Sweet Home. She’s also appeared in other works like Alchemy of Souls and the film Hunt.

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For her role in Hunt Go Youn Jung was nominated for the “Best New Actress (Film)” award at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards. Fans waited in anticipation to see her red carpet-look.

During the stream, Go is shown hurriedly rushing towards the photo area, with her hand on her chest as though she was running late, and was relieved she made it on time.

From her rush, you can see her nervousness once she is standing, fidgeting slightly as she poses for the camera. Her movements were reminiscent of a small bunny bouncing from place to place.

Even her exit was cutely rushed as she quickly left the stage.

The media captured all of her entrance in photos and her seemingly shocked look as she posed for the cameras.

It seems like her nerves settled as the event went on — photos show Go looking much more relaxed, chatting with actress Roh Yoo Seo and laughing later on in the night.

Roh Yoo Seo (left) and Go Youn Jung 

Fans of the young star couldn’t help but comment on her adorable and memorable red carpet.