Actress Ha Yeon Soo Sparks Another Controversy Over Cold Response To Fan

“I feel bitter because I’ve been asked this question about 500 times.”

Actress Ha Yeon Soo has once again sparked controversy over a cold comment she posted on her social media in response to a fan’s question.

On June 18, Ha Yeon Soo shared a photo of her artwork with the caption, “Im selling ‘Flowers and Birds’ painted last year. It’s a scroll that can be put up on the wall.”


When a fan asked if she had created the artwork, she responded by indicating that she was disappointed by how many times she had to answer the same question.

Netizen: Yeon Soo-nim, did you work on this piece yourself?
Ha Yeon Soo: I feel bitter because I’ve been asked this question about 500 times. I wish people would know by now…Yes. And it’s been 20 years since I started painting.


She also announced information about her exhibition from June 19-25 in another Instagram post. In response, one fan asked, “If we go see the exhibition, will you be there too?” Ha Soo Yeon replied, “I don’t think my presence will greatly affect the viewing of my exhibition.”


Many netizens have been criticizing the actress for an excessively cold response to fans who were simply asking questions out of curiosity. Others have expressed that people were overreacting and understood how Ha Yeon Soo may feel uncomfortable with having to repeat herself over and over again.


This was not the first time Ha Soo Yeon was criticized for her cold and, at times, sarcastic responses to comments as she has previously sparked numerous controversies in relation to the issue.

Meanwhile, Ha Yeon Soo’s recent post has since been deleted.

Source: Herald Pop