Actress Han Hyo Joo To Sue 33 People For Spread Of False Information Related To Burning Sun Scandal

She has filed formal complaints against them all.

Actress Han Hyo Joo has begun taking legal action against those who have been spreading false information and malicious comments.


On May 10, the legal representative of Han Hyo Joo and her agency, BH Entertainment, released an official statement regarding the issue through a press release:

Actress Han Hyo Joo is only the advertisement model for JM Solution and has never entered the Club Burning Sun. Yet, defamation of character and insults that are maliciously claiming false information are still spreading indiscriminately. Having judged that actress Han Hyo Joo’s reputation has ben severely damaged through the spread of false information and malicious slander, we have specified 33 publishers (IDs) and filed a formal complaint with the Seoul Yongsan Police Station for violation of the act on information network utilization and information protection (defamation of character).

ㅡ Han Hyo Joo’s legal representative


The spread of false information and malicious comments root from May 4th’s episode of The It’s Know. The program reported that Burning Sun held an event for a cosmetic brand last November where an actress in her 30’s attended and showed suspicious behavior. An affiliate of Burning Sun stated that it looked as if she had taken drugs.

Her eyes looked like they were bloodshot. She was also drooling.

ㅡ Burning Sun affiliate


After the broadcast, netizens began speculating through various portal websites and online communities that the actress in question was Han Hyo Joo, Kim Go Eun or Jung Eun Chae.

Han Hyo Joo and Kim Go Eun’s agency, BH Entertainment, denied accusations claiming that both actresses did not attend the event. Jung Eun Chae also stated that she was not related to the Burning Sun incident in any way.

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