Actress Han Hyo Joo to comeback through new movie “Hae Uh Hwa”

Actress, Han Hyo Joo, is set to comeback to the big screen through Hae Uh Hwa. According to a personnel, Han Hyo Joo has confirmed to star in the upcoming film, on December 15th.

The name of the film Hae Uh Hwa is a metaphor for beauty, in other words, an exceptional geisha knowledgable and talented in singing and dancing. It is a historical play about a women broken in despair and compassion and Han Hyo Joo is to express elaborate and deep emotions of the lead female role through the film.

Recently, Han Hyo Joo has established herself as one of the top actress through numerous films, including, Masquerade, Love 911, and Cold Eyes. She is also awaiting for releases next year, including, C’est Si Bon and Beauty Inside. 

Meanwhile, Lotte Entertainment and director Park Hong Sik, the creator of films My Mother is a Mermaid, Swords Women, and drama My Sweet Seoul, have come together to present the film. The filming will promptly begin after the final casting has been confirmed.

Source: Osen