Actress Han Ji Min Surprises “Our Blues” Actress Jung Eun Hye At The Premiere Of Her Documentary

“I am a fan of yours. Can you give me a hug?…”

Actress Han Ji Min surprised actress Jung Eun Hye in a heartwarming reunion.

Han Ji Min (left) and Jung Eun Hye (right) | @roma.emo/Instagram
| @roma.emo/Instagram

The actress uploaded onto her Instagram story a clip of her surprising Jung Eun Hye at the premiere of her documentary.

| @roma.emo/Instagram

In the clip, Han Ji Min approaches Jung Eun Hye and asks for her autograph and a hug.

I am a fan of yours. Can you give me a hug?

— Han Ji Min

Jung Eun Hye immediately recognized the actress and yelled, “Young Ok!” before hugging the actress, proving how close the two actresses had become.

| @roma.emo/Instagram

Young Ok is the name of Han Ji Min’s character in the drama Our Blues. In the drama, the two actresses play sisters, with Jung Eun Hye playing the role of Lee Young Hee, an artist who has Downs Syndrome.

| tvN

Fans applauded the drama Our Blues for casting Jung Eun Hye to play the role of Lee Young Hee. Jung Eun Hye, an artist, also has Downs Syndrome in her real-life.

Our Blues warmed viewers’ hearts for its honest, introspective portrayal of the two sisters and the pain, guilt, and ultimate love shared between them.

Han Ji Min (left) Jung Eun Hye (middle) Kim Woo Bin (right) | tvN
Han Ji Min (left), Yang Hee Kyung (middle), Jung Eun Hye (right) | tvN

Han Ji Min also uploaded a video clip with Jung Eun Hye promoting Jung Eun Hye’s movie Please Make Me Look Pretty.

Eun Hye, who lifts my mood whenever I see her, is releasing a movie! Please Make Me Look Pretty is coming out this Thursday, June 23! Please go and see it. You can reserve it starting today. (sic)

— Han Ji Min’s Instagram caption

Please Make Me Look Pretty is a documentary on Jung Eun Hye and examines her passion for art and her career as a caricature artist working at the Munhori Free Market. Check out the trailer below to find out more!

Source: Newsen