Actress Han So Hee “Alarms” Fans With Photo Shared In Latest Blog Post

“What is that knife-looking thing?”

Actress Han So Hee shocked fans with a picture shared on her latest blog post.

Han So Hee |

Recently, the actress updated fans on how she had been doing in her blog post. In her post, Han So Hee uploaded several photos.

“Why Is Life So Hard?” Han So Hee Updates Fans About Her Life In New Blog Post — Uploads Photo Of Her Sister

Of the photos, one, in particular, went viral. In the photo, the actress is seen sitting, her face covered by a mirror, and what seems to be a butcher knife is seen raised by her head.

| @ssohee/Naver Blog

Han So Hee explains the photo, stating that she bought a cute phone case. Turns out that both the mirror and the knife were phone cases that the actress recently bought.

I bought a cute phone case.

— Han So Hee

The photos quickly went viral, and netizens reacted to the funny picture. Many netizens expressed alarm, while others praised the actress for her sense of humor.

  • “What is that knife-looking thing? LOL.”
  • “What is the knife behind you? LOL.”
  • “????”
  • “Oh my, LOL.”
  • “???”
  • “Is that thing in the back a phone case too?”
  • “That’s a phone case.”
  • “???”
  • Unnie, you’re cute.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee will be returning to fans through her much-anticipated Netflix series Gyeongseong Creature later this year.

Source: theqoo
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