Actress Han So Hee’s Latest Endorsement Fits Her Perfectly For The Most Iconic Reason

The actress is the perfect model for the brand.

Han So Hee‘s latest endorsement deal is making news for being a perfect match for the actress.

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Han So Hee is famous for her love for alcohol. Fans of the actress will remember when a video of Han So Hee drunk and lying on the floor while wearing sunglasses at night went viral.

Wow, this is crazy. This clip is killing me. It’s like some kind of sitcom featuring a drunk Han So Hee lying on the floor, Friend 1 placing a jacket on her, and Friend 2 who is filming the whole thing.

— @dear_xeesh/Twitter

Or that time when the actress held an impromptu dance battle at a bar.

Han So Hee… If you’re going to be this cute, drink with me too.

— @l_uvjunk/Twitter

Or that time, she randomly decided to work at a bar for a day.

God dang. I went to go drink, and the employee was Han So Hee.

— @jiwoosmen/Twitter

Now it seems the actress’s affinity for alcohol is finally paying off.

Han So Hee being happy after drinking and singing along to BLACKPINK’s “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” is so freaking cute.

— @soheeunnie/Twitter

On March 3, Lotte Chilsung Beverage‘s soju brand, Chum Churum, announced that Han So Hee is their newest brand model. The soju brand made the announcement in a statement explaining why they felt Han So Hee would best represent the brand.

Han So Hee’s soft smile and sophisticated image match the brand identity of our smooth soju. Seeing how down-to-earth she is while actively engaging with her fans, we felt she was perfect for our soju brand, which is there (for our customers) in happiness and sadness. Therefore, we made her the new face of Chum Churum.

— Chum Churum

The soju brand’s new commercial featuring Han So Hee will be released on March 6 through the brand’s YouTube page. Lotte Chilsung Beverage added that they are looking forward to the positive effects Han So Hee will bring to the brand.

We are looking forward to Han So Hee’s confident and bright image to help bring awareness to Chum Churum’s new ad concept and that it will win over soju fans.

— Chum Churum

Han So Hee | Chum Churum

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