Actress Han So Hee Shocks Fans By Sharing Pictures From Her Part-Time Job

The reason shows her true personality!

When it comes to actress Han So Hee, she has never stopped wowing people with her talents, visuals, and unique personality. Unlike many stars, she has never been one to follow the crowd and has gained praise for her actions.

Recently, Han So Hee gained attention for the unconventional way she spends her free time.

Actress Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

Over the years, along with her acting, Han So Hee has always gone viral for her alternative looks in the past but also showcasing her tattoos in a more traditional and conservative Korean society.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

Han So Hee with an eyebrow piercing

Han So Hee went viral when old pictures of her looks resurfaced | @baeksquit0/Twitter

Yet, Han So Hee made headlines recently for something completely different. On October 27, Han So Hee posted some pictures of herself at a bar with the caption, “Part-time job done!”

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

At first, netizens were extremely confused that such a popular actress needed a part-time job.

Yet, after research from netizens, it turns out that the Japanese restaurant was actually a sake bar owned by her friend in Kangwon-Do in Wonju. According to another post, Han So Hee had helped out in a three-hour shift, finishing at 9 PM.

| theqoo

If that wasn’t enough, Han So Hee met some lucky fans throughout her shift. Netizens shared pictures of themselves with the actress, and one even added, “Sohee unni, I love you *tear tear*”

| theqoo

| theqoo

When the images were posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of Han So Hee’s sudden part-time job. In particular, they loved how she was doing it for her friend and that her visuals truly shined.

As always, Han So Hee is far from your typical actress.

Source: theqoo

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