Han Ye Seul Falls Victim To Surgical Malpractice, Requires Daily Treatment

Warning: The following images may be graphic.

Actress Han Ye Seul revealed through an Instagram post that she recently suffered a surgical error while undergoing surgery to get lipoma removed from her body.

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“I suffered surgical malpractice while getting a lipoma removed.” — Han Ye Seul


She shared a tragic photo of the stitches she currently has on her body, claiming that it’s already been 2 weeks since the surgery but the hospital still hasn’t clarified how they will rectify the damage and compensate for her pain.

Her hospital gowns show that she was at the Cha Hospital.

“It’s been 2 weeks since the surgery but the hospital still hasn’t told me how they will compensate the damages.” — Han Ye Seul


She is currently undergoing treatments everyday and is deeply saddened by the events.

“I’m receiving treatments everyday but my heart continues to break. Honestly, I don’t think any compensation will be able to console me.” — Han Ye Seul


About a week ago, Han Ye Seul uploaded an Instagram post revealing that she drastically changed her hair because she was deeply sad about an unspecified event.

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“I was sad, so I changed my hair. Do you like my new look? #pleasecheermeup #ineeditmorethanever” — Han Ye Seul


Many believe she posted it due to the recent surgical malpractice. Fans left encouraging messages to help her through the difficult time.

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“Thank you guys.” — Han Ye Seul