Actress Jeon Yeo Been Reveals What She Thinks Would Happen If 2 Of Her Most Iconic Characters Met

We would definitely love for this crossover to happen!

Actress Jeon Yeo Been recently revealed what she thinks would happen if 2 of her most memorable characters met!

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In a TMI interview with GQ Korea, Yeo Been was asked “What do you think will happen when Lee Eun Jung (Be Melodramatic) and Hong Cha Young (Vincenzo) meet?”

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In Be Melodramatic, Yeo Been plays Eun Jung, a documentary filmmaker who is struggling with grief and depression after her boyfriend passes away.

Jeon Yeo Been as Eun Jung in Be Melodramatic | IMDb

Fans of Be Melodramatic describe Eun Jung’s personality as simultaneously chill and outspoken. She’s smart, strong, talented, and extremely loyal to her friends. Eun Jung tends to give monosyllabic answers and to wear a deadpan expression, so she may come across as aloof or even unfriendly to people who don’t know her.

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In Vincenzo, Yeo Been plays Cha Young, a spirited, witty, and incredibly confident lawyer. Cha Young is fiery, expressive, and always speaks her mind. However, those who don’t know her may think she’s cocky.

Jeon Yeo Been as Cha Young in Vincenzo | IMDb

Clearly, these two characters are very different, so it’s hard to predict what would happen if they met!

Yeo Been guessed that Eun Jung would hate Cha Young, and she said that these 2 characters don’t seem to fit well together.

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Then, she revealed that she thinks Cha Young would also hate Eun Jung, and that they  would argue frequently.

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However, she thinks Eun Jung and Cha Young would eventually grow closer!

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Yeo Been said she thinks Eun Jung would start to admire Cha Young’s passion if she filmed a documentary about the lawyer. Then, she would want to grow closer to Cha Young, and the 2 might even become friends!

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Check out Jeon Yeo Been’s full TMI Interview below.



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