Actress Jun Ji Hyun’s Husband’s Past Response To Divorce Rumors Resurfaces Amid His Mother’s Viral Instagram Post

The actress’s mother-in-law went viral for her reaction to news of Jun Ji Hyun’s upcoming drama with Gang Dong Won.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun‘s husband’s witty response to divorce rumors in the past has resurfaced amid Jun Ji Hyun’s mother-in-law’s viral moment.

Jun Ji Hyun | JTBC

Earlier, we reported that Jun Ji Hyun’s mother-in-law was going viral for her hilarious response to news that Jun Ji Hyun and Gang Dong Won would finally be collaborating in a new drama.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun’s Mother-In-Law Goes Viral After Reacting To News Of The Actress’s Upcoming Drama With Gang Dong Won

Netizens celebrated Jun Ji Hyun’s mother for her funny reaction and praised her for being so cool.

“LOL. Ah, is this household home to only comedians? LOL”

— Netizen

Well, not to be outdone, Jun Ji Hyun’s husband is also going viral for his wit and humor. On March 29, a post on an online community titled “Jun Ji Hyun’s Husband Changed His Kakao Talk Profile During Divorce Rumors” was viewed over 110K times as of this writing.

“Jun Ji Hyun’s Husband Changed His Kakao Talk Profile During Divorce Rumors” | theqoo

For context, in 2021, there were rumors alleging that Jun Ji Hyun and her husband were headed for divorce. The rumors were reportedly started by a YouTuber who claimed that Jun Ji Hyun’s husband declared he no longer wished to be “Jun Ji Hyun’s husband” after an article was written alleging that a wealth fund, managed by him, was “Overwhelmingly number 1 (in the country).” The rumors, of course, were baseless.

According to the viral post, at the time, Jun Ji Hyun’s husband responded to the rumors with wit by changing his messenger profile.

Jun Ji Hyun’s husband’s profile picture | theqoo

The changed profile picture shows panels of the popular Japanese manga, Slam Dunk. Jun Ji Hyun’s husband, however, edited the panels in response to the rumors.

I want to be Jeon Jhyun’s (Jun Ji Hyun) husband.

— Jun Ji Hyun’s husband’s profile

Netizens praised Jun Ji Hyun’s husband for his sense of humor. Many felt that wit and humor ran in his family and referred to his mother’s own hilarious Instagram story that recently went viral.

  • “(Jun Ji Hyun’s husband) is good-looking and has a sense of humor, so I really understand (why she married him).”
  • “His family is fun and cute, LOL.”
  • “Wait, isn’t he a celebrity? He’s handsome AF, LOL.”
  • “Ah, f@ck, LOL.”
  • “LOL, his personality is funny.”
  • “Jun Jhyun’s (Jun Ji Hyun) husband is tall and handsome, LOL. They look good together.”
  • “This family’s mother-in-law is also (funny). Wit must run in their DNA, LOL. They’re fun, LOL.”
  • “F@ck, it’s so funny, LOL.”
  • “Wait, humor and wit are in this family’s DNA, LOL.”

Jun Ji Hyun married her husband in 2012. The actress’s husband is reportedly a banker and a successful fund manager, who is famous for his good looks. The couple has two children together.


Source: theqoo and DongA Ilbo