Actress Kang Eun Bi Joins #MeToo Movement, Reveals She Was Sexually Harassed In High School

She was sexually harassed by a movie director during her first audition when she was still underage.

Actress Kang Eun Bi, who has recently been interacting with her fans through AfreecaTV as a BJ (broadcasting jockey) revealed she had also been sexually harassed by a director.


As a BJ, she has been doing a wide variety of broadcasts ranging from mukbangs to online gaming.

“Mukbang” refers to broadcasts where the host streams themselves eating large amounts of food.


In one of her broadcastings, which she later hash tagged #CanYouSleepWithMe? #MeToo #SexualHarassment #MovieDirector #Audition, she recalled her account of the incident.


During her first audition in high school when she was still underage, the auditioning director apparently asked outright if she’s slept with someone before.


Despite the fact that she responded with a firm “no”, the director continued on talking on the subject. Throughout her audition, he went on talking about her body and sexual relations between men and women for 20-30 minutes.

 “Then can you sleep with me? Don’t you think you need to sleep with me to become an actress? You have to experience love and sleep with many men to be a good actress.”


Eventually, he made her run out of the audition crying. She confessed that she kept the dreadful experience to herself in case it might ruin her image.

She later expressed that she regrets the passive way she chose to deal with the situation.


Source: Seoul EN and Youtube