Reports Claim That Actress Kim Ah Joong Died, Agency Responds

Rumors claimed that the actress from “200 Pounds Beauty” passed away at the young age of 36.

Rumors claiming that actress Kim Ah Joong was discovered dead at her home began circulating the internet on August 14.


According to the rumors, “The actress who debuted as a CF model and gained popularity through the film ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ has passed away on the 13th”.

The rumors were even posted on some Korean online communities, which stated that she had passed away at the young age of 36.


After hearing the news, Kim Ah Joong’s agency responded and clarified that the rumors were false and that she was busy attending to her schedules.

“Kim Ah Joong’s death rumors are not true. Kim Ah Joong has been reviewing scripts with her manager since last week in preparation for her upcoming film recording. She is busily attending to her schedule today. She was surprised to hear the news as well.” ㅡ King Entertainment


The CEO of King Entertainment, Park Young Min, even shared a post on his SNS account confirming that the actress is healthy and warning people of the tabloids.

A post shared by 박영민 (@king_ent_ceo) on

“[She is] very healthy and in great condition attending to her schedules!!!!! #KingEntertainment #KimAhJoong #Tabloids #Beware”


Fans were completely relieved to hear that the rumors were not true.

  • “Thank goodness.”
  • “Phew…I was so surprised!”
  • “It’s such a relief that it’s not true.”


Meanwhile, netizens have been encouraging the CEO to take legal action against those who spread the malicious rumor.

  • “Please take this to court!”
  • “Please sue those who spread the rumor.”
  • “Thank God she’s okay. Seriously! The fake news scarred me. I do hope that legal action will be taken against the person who spread such rumor.”
Source: MBN Star