Actress Kim Da Mi Shocks Netizens With A Dramatic Hair Transformation

It’s been a long time since the actress has had such short hair!

Actress Kim Da Mi has shocked netizens with a dramatic hair transformation at a recent event.

In her roles, netizens have always been surprised by the unconventional and different hairstyles that have allowed her to embrace the essence of each character.

Kim Da Mi in “Itaewon Class” | JTBC
Kim Da Mi in “Our Beloved Summer” | Studio S

While Dami has had a number of styles, her recent posts and appearances have showcased her with long hair. In particular, on Instagram, the posts were full of Da Mi with extremely long hair, which isn’t what fans have seen often in K-Dramas.

On December 14, Da Mi attended a special event for Tiffany & Co. As the actress arrived on the red carpet, she shocked fans by debuting a short haircut again again for the first time in ages.

As she greeted the media, Da Mi flaunted her new hairstyle and legendary proportions in a simple but elegant black dress.


Even in press photos, Da Mi showcased her unreal visuals with her new hairstyle.

When the photos were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the actress’s dramatic transformation. Although Kim Da Mi has had short hair in the past, the surprising appearance of the actress’s new hair had fans obsessed, with many excited about the prospect of it being for a role.

As always, Kim Da Mi has proven that she can pull off every hairstyle and exude true girl crush material!

Source: Newsen