Actress Kim Hye Ja Rushed To The Hospital Multiple Times Due To Bong Joon Ho’s Controversy

“The world and the people seem like monsters.”

World renown director Bong Joon Ho was recently accused of sexually harassing actress Kim Hye Ja by allowing her male co-star to grope her breasts without allegedly discussing with her first.

Veteran actress Kim Hye Ja then later replied through a film production company that it was her mistake in recalling a memory. She changed her story to reveal that Bong Joon Ho had actually discussed with her about the scene and she simply forgot during their interview.

The interview that started the whole controversy.


As the topic continued to become controversial, Kim Hye Ja sat down for another interview to fully explain herself. She revealed that she was rushed to the hospital multiple times because she fainted from the shock of the controversy.

Something that I meant to say for laughs became a misunderstanding that made me faint from the shock. I was hurt so much that I had to be rushed to the hospital twice.

I fainted after reading the news reports and the comments. It was my mistake but how could they say it was #MeToo. How can they say Director Bong and Won Bin conspired to sexually assault me. I’m embarrassed to even say those words with my own mouth.

It also made me wonder how many people who were accused of #MeToo were falsely accused.

— Kim Hye Ja


She criticized the news report media that chose to write about the story without checking their facts.

I think there are people who want to bring down Director Bong.

The problem is the media who choose to write reports without checking their facts. If this was a sexual assault and a #MeToo case, who is the real victim?

— Kim Hye Ja


She apologized once again to Director Bong and even revealed that they are planning on working on a new film together.

Director Bong and I have promised to work on another film together. I am so sorry to Director Bong.

The world and the people seem like monsters.

— Kim Hye Ja

Source: Sports Today