Actress Kim So Hyun to forego high school and opt for homeschooling

During a press conference for upcoming KBS2 drama Who Are You — School 2015, popular actress Kim So Hyun stated that she would forego attending high school and opt for homeschooling instead.

The topic came about during the April 22nd press conference when one of the reporters present asked her about her school life. Kim So Hyun answered, “I decided on homeschooling because I couldn’t go to school or study properly due to filming schedules and I felt that I was negatively distracting and negatively impacting my classmates. I plan to use time efficiently to make time for studying and take the GED later on.”

Netizens responded positively to Kim So Hyun’s decision and empathized with her, leaving messages of encouragement and respect for the young actress.

[+ 34560, – 2079] It would still be better for her if she went to high school…memories from school isn’t something you can buy even with money

[+ 28390, – 1456] It will be very lonely without friends….

[+ 20620. – 806] It was probably a hard decision but you have very mature thoughts I look forward to seeing greater acting from you!!

[+ 15500, – 687] Even the way she thinks is pretty. I hope she grows into a great actor ^.^

Source:  edaily