Actress Kim Sae Ron shares series of adorable photos with Red Velvet’s Yeri

Actress Kim Sae Ron shows off her close friendship with Red Velvet‘s Yeri through a series of Instagram photos. 

On the 4th, Kim Sae Ron shared three different photos all featuring herself and Yeri from Red Velvet together outside during a gorgeous evening sunset.

In the three cuts that the actress posted, both Yeri and Kim Sae Ron can be seen striking cute and funny poses that display just how close their friendship is.

Kim Sae Ron even addressed Yeri as her “cute and child-like Yerim unni” in one of the first photo captions, describing their playful and sisterly attitudes toward each other.

In the second photo uploaded, the caption reads, “Oh goo oh goo“, which is the Korean slang used when talking to a baby or a pet, usually to show affection. In the last photo shared with fans, Kim Sae Ron is seen crouching over to appear shorter in height than Yeri with the caption, “Now I’m the child-like kid.

Recently, Kim Sae Ron’s drama, Mirror of the Witch, successfully finished airing on JTBC and received much praise for her first lead role as an adult after years of only portraying the “younger version” of the lead characters in dramas.

Red Velvet has also been confirmed for a comeback later this month while Yeri’s teaser images have already been released, here.