Actress Kim Seo Jin of Yonghwa’s “One Fine Day” MV gains attention

Rookie actress Kim Seo Jin has gained attention after making a featured appearance in Yonghwa debut track’s music video “One Fine Day” as the singer’s person of attraction.

Yonghwa, who has previous acting experience from having appeared in such hit dramas like You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings, has worked with many female actresses and is no stranger to scenes requiring physical contact, such as embracing or kissing.

During his showcase on January 20th, Yonghwa had revealed, “I finally have a sweetheart. We shot a loving look and scene successfully. My counterpart was an FNC trainee.”

The actress received praise from the music video staff after shooting a flawless scene without any NG, as she served Yonghwa rice cakes in a loving manner, adding further to the chemistry between the two virtual couple. She gains further attention for her beauty, as well as her slim body, which was revealed that she keeps with exercise with dance. Furthermore, she is currently a student attending a university with a major in film.

Source: The Chosun Star