Actress Kim Tae Ri Shocks Netizens With Her New Bob Haircut — Adding An Unexpected “Mr. Sunshine” Reunion

The Prada event saw the actress treating fans in so many ways!

Actress Kim Tae Ri hit fans with a double shocker during a recent event when she not only showcased her new bob haircut AND had an epic K-Drama reunion!

Actress Kim Tae Ri | @kimtaeri_official/Instagram

While Kim Tae Ri was once known for her short her, the actress has spent a lot of the last few years showing off her luscious long locks, whether on screen in hit K-Dramas or on social media.

| @kimtaeri_official/Instagram
| @kimtaeri_official/Instagram
| @kimtaeri_official/Instagram

On September 5, Kim Tae Ri attended a Prada event in Korea. As netizens got a first glimpse of the actress, they couldn’t hide their surprise as they noticed that Tae Ri had brought back her iconic short hairstyle for the event.

| @rooauh/Twitter

When Kim Tae Ri got to the main media wall, the actress showcased her strong and powerful visuals in her outfit and newly cut hair.

In particular, in photos taken by fans, Tae Ri looked absolutely stunning with her outfit and hairstyle. While the look seemed powerful, her soft smile and warm presence perfectly balanced it out and had netizens obsessed.

When the photos and videos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the actress’s short hair. Although Kim Tae Ri has had short hair in the past, many had gotten used to her long and luscious locks, so it was a shock, but in the best way possible.

Yet, if Tae Ri’s visuals with her new haircut sent the internet into meltdown, then netizens weren’t prepared as they got treated to an unexpected reunion between the actress and one of her iconic co-stars.

Back in 2018, Tae Ri starred alongside Lee Byung Hun in the hit K-Drama Mr. Sunshine. Throughout the series, the two stars showcased phenomenal acting and had netizens swooning with their chemistry but also heartbroken at the ending.

Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri in “Mr. Sunshine” | tvN
| tvN

During the Prada event, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement when the two stars reunited. Kim Tae Ri couldn’t hide her excitement at seeing Byung Hun again, and their interaction was truly adorable.

When the videos were posted, netizens loved sharing their reactions to the reunion, with many fans sharing that it could be the happy ending for the couple that they didn’t get in the K-Drama.

Kim Tae Ri definitely shocked fans at the event in the best way possible, and it was a welcome set of surprises for netizens.

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