Actress Ko So Young’s fashion brand buckles under the bad economy

Actress Ko So Young‘s fashion brand KOSOYOUNG has buckled under the bad economy just after two years of launching.

In 2013, the actress embarked her career as a chief designer of her personal fashion brand by starting with a showcase of her first collections for 2013 S/S. Since then, her collections were extensively sold through online websites, home shopping channels, and various other retailers.

After six months into launching, it was unprecedented for a rookie brand to score a store alongside high-end brands, including, Valencia, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and more at the BOONTHESHOP.

Although KOSOYOUNG has last been seen in stores for the 2014 F/W collections at Shinsegye Centum City Mall, it is nowhere to be found today. Even the online shopping website WIZWID, which has been selling KOSOYOUNG exclusively, is no longer retailing the brand.

Prior to launching her own brand, Ko So Young, has been established as a popular fashionista through her fashion and beauty blog, which has long been updated since September 2013. Upon her popularity as a fashion icon, the actress has soon expanded her career in the industry. In 2012, she was been recruited as a Creative Director for CJ O Shopping‘s fashion consulting affiliate company O Trend Rap.

Unfortunately, the company showed unsupportive results of revenues and faltered by end of 2014. This resulted the actress to step as the Creative Director, close her brand KOSOYOUNG, and end collaboration brand STELLA & YK with stylist Jung Yoon Ki.

No official confirmations have been made regarding the closure of KOSOYOUNG, however, fashion affiliates have mentioned, “Ko So Young’s brand KOSOYOUNG’was financially supported by CJ O Shopping’s subsidiary, O Trend Rap. Due to the disbandment of O Trend Rap, KOSOYOUNG has consequently closed down as well. Yet, as Ko So Young her name itself has such a high brand power, we expect her to comeback sooner or later to meet her fans and consumers once again.”

Source: Hankook Ilbo