Actress Lee Ga Ryeong Revealed To Have Lied About Her Age, Lowered Her Actual Age By 8 Years

Are you more shocked at her real age, or how suddenly young she looks for her age?

Actress Lee Ga Ryeong, who has gained popularity for her role in the hit drama Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), recently admitted that she lowered her age when she debuted.

Lee Ga Ryeong | @viollet1002/Instagram

According to an exclusive report by Xsports News, the actress revealed her actual age during an interview for the end of the third season of the drama Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce).

Poster for Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) | TV Chosun

Despite her profile stating the actress was born in 1988, the actress admitted her real birth year is 1980.

Lee Ga Ryeong’s Google profile | Google

The actress revealed that due to her not having an agency until recently, she was unable to change her profile herself.

Lee Ga Ryeong | @viollet1002/Instagram

This past March, Lee Ga Ryeong joined IOK Company, one of Korea’s top agencies for actors.

Lee Ga Ryeong | @viollet1002/Instagram

IOK is home to actors Jo In Sung, Shin Hye Sung, Go Hyun Jung and Moon Chae Won, and more. Thanks to her new home at IOK, she was able to change her public birthday and reveal her true age.

IOK Company artist roster | Naver

Whether she is 41-years-old or 33-years-old, Lee Ga Ryeong proves age is nothing but a number. She simply looks absolutely gorgeous!

Source: Wikitree
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