Actress Lee Honey Responds To Rumors Alleging That Someone Else Gave Birth To Her Baby

“I heard there is a rumor alleging that someone else gave birth to my baby and that I am lying…”

Actress Lee Honey (also known as Lee Ha Nee) addressed rumors alleging that someone else had given birth to her daughter.

Lee Honey | @honey_lee32/Instagram

On January 18, the actress was a guest on the popular radio show SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show, along with her Phantom co-stars, Sul Kyung Gu, Park So Dam, and Seo Hyun Woo.

From left to right: Park So Dam, Sul Kyung Gu, Lee Honey, Seo Hyun Woo | Wikitree

On this day, the show’s host Kim Tae Gyun remarked how beautiful Lee Honey looked and stated that she “Looked more beautiful after giving birth.

The actress responded by stating that she had heard there was an unfounded rumor going around alleging she had a surrogate pregnancy and put the allegations to rest.

This isn’t true, but I heard there is a rumor stating that someone else gave birth to my baby and that I am lying (about giving birth). I worked out a lot as if I was adding to my savings account, and so I recovered quickly.

— Lee Honey

It seems some people just couldn’t believe the actress was able to recover this quickly! Recently, Lee Honey gained attention for her awesome transformation after her pregnancy.

Lee Honey | @honey_lee32/Instagram

Lee Honey then changed topics and spoke about her upcoming film Phantom.

The film Phantom is a spy-action thriller that takes place in 1933 and tells the story of five people who are suspected of being ‘Ghost’ agents for the anti-Japanese resistance who are locked up in a hotel as the government tries to figure out who the real spy is.

— Lee Honey

Meanwhile, Lee Honey married her non-celebrity husband in 2021 and gave birth to the couple’s first child in June of 2022.

Honey Lee | Vogue

Want more of Lee Honey? Check out the teaser for the actress’s upcoming film Phantom in the link below!


Source: Wikitree