The Wholesome Thing Actress Lee Joo Young Learned About IU While Sharing A Hotel Room With Her In Cannes

The feeling is too relatable…

Actress Lee Joo Young recently revealed that she learned one wholesome thing about IU when the two of them shared a hotel room in Cannes, something that fans will surely find relatable.

Lee Joo Young and IU | @i_icaruswalks/Instagram

The two of them starred together in the movie Broker, which received plenty of attention at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, including an impressive 12-minute long standing ovation.

Broker promotional poster | @i_icaruswalks/Instagram

Speaking at the radio show SBS Power FM‘s Cine Town, Lee Joo Young talked about her experience attending the Cannes Film Festival, as well as about her costars, Song Kang Ho (who won ‘Best Actor‘) and IU.

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Initially, Lee Joo Young says she did not talk much with IU, but she has been getting to know her better recently, leading to some fun moments between them.

Yet, they never actually got to spend much time together during the shooting of Broker, as most of their scenes were filmed at different times.

According to Lee Joo Young, they finally got the chance to hang out properly when they shared a hotel room on the last day of the Cannes Film Festival, where they got to really talk together. Now they will even be doing promotions together in Japan at the end of the month.

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We’re getting to know each other better, and becoming closer. We’re planning to go to Japan together for our promotion on the last week of June as well.

โ€” Lee Joo Young

Now that they’ve gotten to spend time together and get to know each other, there is one wholesome thing that Lee Joo Young has learned about IU…

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IU has this energy that makes you feel happy even if you are just with her, doing nothing.

โ€” Lee Joo Young

…and it probably won’t surprise fans. IU’s trip to Cannes alone was enough to prove how kindhearted she is, as she proved she’s the queen of fanservice, and even showed how protective she is of her fans, asking her bodyguards notย to push fans upon her arrival at Incheon Airport.

Given that IU has consistently proven she is one of the most thoughtful K-Pop idols, it’s no surprise that Lee Joo Young would find her someone so comfortable to be around. Whether it’s her costars, her staff, or her fans, everyone has experienced her kindness and generosity, which is something that is sure to come through in her energy!

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Source: SBS News