Actress Lim Ji Yeon’s Smoking Scenes In “The Glory” Becomes A “Hot” Issue

Audiences wondered if the actress was really smoking in the scenes.

Lim Ji Yeon‘s smoking scenes in Netflix‘s The Glory have netizens wondering whether the actress was really smoking in them.

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Recently, YouTuber and journalist Lee Jin Ho uploaded a short video asking, “Are Lim Ji Yeon’s smoking scenes real?” The question refers to several scenes in the drama in which the actress is shown smoking.

According to the journalist, due to the various opinions, he reached out to the actress’s representatives to find out.

Lim Ji Yeon is being praised for her portrayal of a bully in the sensational (K-Drama), The Glory. Many people have been asking if the smoking scenes are real. There are conflicting opinions among smokers. I verified (the truth) with Lim Ji Yeon’s acquaintances.

— Lee Jin Ho

According to Lee Jin Ho, the actress did not smoke leading up to the filming of the drama but started smoking for the drama. Lee Jin Ho revealed that in order to for the scene to be natural, the actress smoked a real cigarette. The journalist then praised Lim Ji Yeon’s passion for acting.

This is a story that gives a glimpse into Lim Ji Yeon’s passion for acting. It is worth watching whether Lim Ji Yeon, who was a non-smoker, will be able to keep this stance in the future.

— Lee Jin Ho

Lim Ji Yeon plays Park Yeon Jin, the main antagonist in The Glory.

The actress has been lauded for her acting and portrayal of a bully who is now cornered by Song Hye Kyo‘s quest for revenge. The drama returns to audiences with its second season in March. Watch the trailer for the upcoming season in the link below.


Source: wikitree
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