Actress Park Eun Bin Tests Negative For COVID-19

Safety comes first!

According to actress Park Eun Bin’s agency, they released an official statement confirming that she had tested negative for COVID-19. “One of the extras who participated in the outdoor filming for KBS’s new drama ‘Affection’ tested positive for COVID-19. Although she did not overlap paths, she took a test and received a negative result.”

Below is the full official statement.

Hello this is Namoo Actors. During the outdoor filming for the new KBS drama ‘Affection’, one of the extras that participated was confirmed positive for COVID-19. Although Park Eun Bin did not cross paths with the confirmed case, she still took a preemptive test and received a negative result on July 27.

We will continue to comply with quarantine guidelines of the health authorities and do our best for the health and safety of our actors. We also wish for the recovery of the confirmed actor. Thank you.

Source: mydaily