Actress Park Eun Bin Thanks The Viewers Of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” For Their Outpour Of Support For The Drama

“Thank you for loving Extraordinary Attorney Woo…”

Previously, we reported on the feel-good story that is the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The first drama ever from the little-known network ENA about a lawyer who is on the autism spectrum has, in only two episodes, warmed the hearts of its viewers, and the viewers are spreading the news about the drama.

In fact, according to data index, Good Data, the drama is currently the most talked-about drama in Korea!

Most talked about Drama TV Top 10 | Good Data

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo, 2. Alchemy Of Souls, 3. Why Her?, 4. Eve, 5. Café Minamdang, 6. Gold Mask, 7. Jinxed At First, 8. Link, 9. Doctor Lawyer, 10. It’s Beautiful Now

— Good Data

Most talked about actor in a drama Top 10 | Good Data

1. Park Eun Bin, 2. Seo Yea Ji, 3. Seo Hyun Jin, 4. Jeon So Min, 5. Yoo Sun, 6. Lee Jae Wook, 7. Cha Ye Ryun, 8. Seo In Guk, 9. Park Byung Eun, 10. Hwang In Youp

— Good Data

This, after only two episodes, makes this a tremendous feat. It seems even those working on the drama have caught wind of the overwhelming response from fans.

Actress Park Eun Bin, who plays the main character Woo Young Woo, shared her thanks to fans in an Instagram post.

Park Eun Bin | @eunbining0904/Instagram
| @eunbining0904/Instagram

In the post, the actress thanked the viewers for their support of the drama.

Thank you for loving Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

— Park Eun Bin

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been such a hit that a post stating the dramas only mistake has gone viral.

According to the post, the drama’s only mistake is that it has only released two episodes thus far.

Surely fans who have watched the show can relate.

The drama is a fast-paced slice of life showing the journey of Woo Young Woo, an attorney on the autism spectrum.

The drama also features a brilliant cast of characters that is easy to fall in love with.

If you don’t believe us, check out some of these stellar reviews!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is available to watch on Netflix in certain countries, so check if it’s available in your area. If so, make sure to give it a try!

Poster for Extraordinary Lawyer Woo | ENA
Source: Wikitree and Instagram