Actress Park Han Byul Updates Her Instagram For The First Time In Three Years

The actress has been away from the spotlight since 2019.

Actress Park Han Byul greeted her fans for the first time in three years since the revelation of her husband’s involvement in the Burning Sun incident.

Park Han Byul | @onestar_p/Instagram

The actress’s first post in three years was photos of the actress enjoying her life on the island of Jeju-do. She captioned her photos simply, “Jeju.”

In the photos, the actress is seen looking happy and soaking in the sun. Fans were glad to see the actress smiling.

Park Han Byul | @onestar_p/Instagram
Park Han Byul | @onestar_p/Instagram

The actress has been away from the spotlight since 2019, when her husband Yoo In Suk was revealed to be the CEO of Yuri Holdings and Seungri‘s business partner.

Yoo In Suk | Aju News

As the controvesry surrounding her husband grew, Park Han Byul apologized, saying that the actress also felt accountability.

Since then, the actress and her family moved to the island of Jeju-do to live away from the spotlight.

Park Han Byul | @onestar_p/Instagram
Park Han Byul | @onestar_p/Instagram

There has been no reports whether the actress is thinking of making a return to the industry.

Park Han Byul | @onestar_p/Instagram

Park Han Byul made her debut in 2003, starring in the horror film Wishing Stairs. The actress’s last acted in MBC drama Love In Sadness.

Poster for Love In Sadness | MBC
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