“All of Us Are Dead” Actress Park Ji Hoo Could Have Played On Jo Or Na Yeon—Here’s Why She Chose The Role Of On Jo

She revealed why she finally chose to play the character of On Jo!

The zombie K-Drama All of Us Are Dead has been gaining tons of attention worldwide, and each member of the cast has wowed viewers everywhere with their stellar performances and dedication towards the show!

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Actress Park Ji Hoo, who plays the role of On Jo in the series, recently sat down for an interview, where she talked about her character, the show, and more!

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Park Ji Hoo also spoke about why she auditioned for All of Us Are Dead, and revealed how she initially had the choice to play either On Jo or Na Yeon (who was ultimately played by Lee Yoo Mi of Squid Game fame).

I auditioned for the series because I enjoyed many famous zombie projects. After the audition, I had the choice between playing On Jo or Na Yeon.

—Park Ji Hoo

Park Ji Hoo as On Jo | Netflix

She then shared that she finally chose the role of On Jo because she felt closer to the character and because she felt that she lacked the experience to be able to play Na Yeon properly.

Because I thought I was not ready to fully perform the Na Yeon character and found many similarities with On Jo, I chose On Jo without any hesitation.

—Park Ji Hoo

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She went on to play On Jo to absolute perfection, and many fans are looking forward to seeing Park Ji Hoo as On Jo again if and when the series is renewed for a second season!

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Source: The Korea Herald

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