Actress Park Min Young’s Agency Will Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

They have already sought legal against those who created malicious rumors and content against Park Min Young.

Actress Park Min Young‘s agency Namoo Actors released a statement saying that they will take legal action against malicious commenters.

They announced on their website:

Our agency is partaking in legal action on behalf of Park Min Young against online articles and posts that include malicious slander, dissemination of false facts, sexual harassment, defamation, and violations of portrait rights.

Namoo Actors also said that they have repeatedly filed complaints against malicious writing and have encouraged criminal liability, including fines and prison sentences, against those who create and spread malicious rumors.

They make it clear that they will be responding to any indiscriminate or malicious slander that occurs online without any goodwill toward the poster and that there will be no settlements.

Source: wowkorea