Actress Park Min Young’s Steamy Kiss Scene With “Love In Contract” Co-Star Go Kyung Pyo Has Audiences Flustered

“It’s sexy, but in a good way, and makes my heart mushy.”

Park Min Young‘s latest kiss scene in her drama Love In Contract has netizens blushing!

Poster for Love In Contract | tvN

In the drama’s episode, which aired on October 26, Park Min Young and Go Kyung Pyo share a steamy kiss after their characters confirmed their feelings for one another.

Go Kyung Pyo (left) and Park Min Young (right) | tvN

Jung Ji Ho (Go Kyung Pyo) calls over Choi Sang Eun (Park Min Young) to ask her questions about herself that he listed down.

While the couple playfully wrestled over the list, the two locked eyes and shared a passionate kiss.

A particular motion by Go Kyung Pyo’s character, when he sits Park Min Young on his lap, has audiences feeling a type of way.

Netizens reacted to the scene, praising the actor’s chemistry. Many netizens demanded that tvN release the behind-the-scenes video.

  • “You need to release a video showing the making of the scene… a long one… or I am going to invade tvN.”
  • “I’ll be waiting for the behind-the-scenes video. Please just show Ji Ho and Sang Eun.”
  • “I am going to remember this kiss scene even when the drama ends. It’s so good and Go Kyung Pyo is so cool.”
  • “It’s sexy, but in a good way, and makes my heart mushy. The music was on point, and the cinematography was excellent.”
  • “I went crazy when Go Kyung Pyo sat her on his lap.”
  • “Wow, this is a legit kiss scene, which is rare, and Go Kyung Pyo is everything. He’s a man’s man.”
  • “I saw Go Kyung Pyo in a new light. He has that grown sexy.”
  • “I want to see the couple interacting with each other all lovey-dovey. But since there is still so much for them to figure out, I guess we’ll have to wait.”

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Source: Wikitree