Actress Park Si Eun Suffers Heartbreaking Miscarriage Just 20 Days Before Her Baby Was Due

Fans and colleagues are mourning with the couple.

Actor Jin Tae Hyun revealed his wife, actress Park Si Eun, had suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage, just 20 days before the couple’s baby was due.

The actor revealed this in a post on his Instagram. He wrote that on August 16, their yet-to-be-born baby had stopped breathing.

Just 3 weeks later, we were to see our baby’s lovely face. The baby has left us just 20 days before being due. For nine months after giving her mom and dad hope, and everything else, she left us without showing us their face.

— Jin Tae Hyun

The actor further wrote that he would be prioritizing his wife’s health and thanked fans for their support.

From here on, I will be making sure that my wife recovers and will be taking care of her. I will always remember the little miracle that visited us briefly. Although my tears won’t stop, I will cry just a little longer before getting back on my feet for my family.

— Jin Tae Hyun

Jin Tae Hyun ended his message with warm words of love for his wife.

To Si Eun, who I love so much. It isn’t anybody’s fault, so please don’t blame yourself. I guess it’s just time we are meant to be sad right now. Thank you for holding our baby for nine months, you can rest now. And no matter what anyone says, I’m okay. I love you.

— Jin Tae Hyun

Jin Tae Hyun and Park Si Eun married in 2015. Fans and colleagues are further saddened as this is the couple’s third miscarriage. The couple had featured on SBS‘s Same Bed, Different Dreams 2, to reveal their pregnancy journey.

Source: Sports Kyung Hyang